My work, in simplest terms, explores contemporary society’s relationship to the natural world. I explore how we, as Americans in the twenty-first century, form relationships with our environment. What are the type and quality of these associations without a mythological tradition tying us to our environment? My work assumes that in this digital age, a constant bombardment of information of varying importance creates confused characters searching for spirituality in a spiritually unresponsive landscape. When Desperate Housewives replace Joan of Arc and Ryan Seacrest replaces Odysseus in our ethos, we are left without real heroes, wondering whom to turn to for universal wisdom. The characters in my work invent their own mythologies and create metaphysical profundity with the materials and objects at hand. Various mythic and literary traditions, western films, textbook diagrams, Japanese woodblock prints, and comic books inform the style of my work and create a patchwork of visual concepts that reflects my characters’ mental state.